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♥When Love Comes Knocking On Your Door..

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February 7th, 2009

08:10 pm - New Jophia Icons,1 NB banner..
Some new James&Sophia icons i made,credit for manips goes to Cynthia.
And one new NB banner,cause i was in a nostalgic mood! :D
Credit when you use,comment when you like! =)


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December 28th, 2008

10:05 pm - Welcome!=)

Hi to those who joined this community so far!
Really nice to see that there are more shippers from these couples..<3

I wanted to share some icons with you i made the other day. =)
Hope you like..If you do,(or even if you don't!) leave a comment!

Please credit when you use,and more will follow later!



// You're a sexy thing and yeah you know it..Collapse )
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December 22nd, 2008

04:57 pm - Jophia & Brathan > ♥
Hi All !! =)

Welcome to this James&Sophia / Brooke&Nathan community..
I decided to start this bc i simply love both couples,and i wanted a
place where i could share this love with others.

You're gonna find caps,icons, and other arts on this community :D
Feel free to join,and i hope you have loads of fun checking out everything!

Lots Of Love,

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